One diet does not fit all horses!! 

Feeding your horse the right diet is an important part of equine care and something many people worry about. With so many commercially available products on the market, it can become quite confusing as to which is the 'best' for your horse.

Your horses’ activities will impact on the type of ration it should be fed. Are you riding for pleasure, are you competing on weekends for fun or are you a professional with a high-performance horse?

These questions are important to determine the nutrient composition of the ideal ration for your particular circumstance. 

One diet does not fit all horses!!

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand training. Study online at your own pace!

EEN proudly supports the online Equine nutrition training offered by seventyWest. As a local, Australian-based training company, seventyWest offers rural and industry-based training to individual and corporate clients.


Its online equine nutrition courses have been designed to be easy-to-follow and will give you a basic to thorough understanding of the underlying principles of equine nutrition.

Do you know how much energy your horse needs to perform at its optimum and the consequences of providing too much energy in the diet? How much protein is the right amount of protein? How many vitamins and minerals are really needed? What are the negative consequences of feeding too much, too little or the incorrect ingredients to your horse?

There's quite a science behind the answers to these questions.

To find out more about seventyWest and the equine nutrition courses on offer, click here.

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